oraPumper 1.0

oraPumper is an utility that is designed to provide a convenient...

oraPumper is an utility that is designed to provide a convenient graphical user interface for Oracle Data Pump utility. oraPumper uses Oracle Data Pump API that is built in the standard database package DBMS_DATAPUMP.

Furthermore, oraPumper tool provides several useful features that allow end database users to create, monitor and manage Oracle Data Pump Jobs and dump files that actually contain data in a more convenient way.

The key software features are: Support of Oracle Data Pump versions 10. 1. 0, 10. 2. 0 Export and Import wizards are supported to create Export/Import Data Pump Jobs.

Full support of all modes and parameters provided by Oracle Data Pump. Ability to monitor in real time all the progress of running Data Pump Jobs.

Ability to view the content of database-side directories and its files. Ability to download dump/log files from database directory to local client disk or upload files from client to database-side directory.

Support of remote file copy operation between remote databases. Ability to manage the state of Data Pump Jobs including change of job settings.

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